The Shine Bright blog and magazine are both open to submissions, guest posts, interviews, book reviews, and more. If you’d like to look at our earlier issues to get a gauge of the look and feel, you can download a copy for FREE here.


More About The Shine Bright Gang

The Shine Bright Gang is an exploration of life, love, self-love, happiness, and meant to help empower women from all walks of life.

Our mantra is Stay golden. Live free. Be wild. Believe in magic.

Our vibe is somewhere crossed between glitter, a skull and crossbones, dreamy surf days, girlbossing the shit out of things, and kicking ass, in no particular order.

One of my friends said this about the Shine Bright Gang: Girl power can sometimes feel juvenile. This feels like we’re bad bitches in a power suit.

The Shine Bright Gang is a website with interviews, freebies, and it also has a monthly magazine that can be downloaded for free online.


What are we looking for?

I’m looking for contributors to the blog AND to the magazine for a variety of things…

I’m looking for articles about the struggles of being a woman, what being a woman means, happiness and self-love tips, life tips or hacks, cool ideas or tips, happiness practices, interviews, poetry, essays, cool shit you’ve found or have seen, books to read, exploration of weird hobbies, how-tos, songs that empower you, quotes you like, doodles, artwork, horoscopes, or pretty much anything else that you can think of that evolves around our general themes described above.

Readers should be able to look at our magazine and blog and feel happy and empowered. They should know that someone cares about them and that there are other people out there who are going through similar things. We are all struggling together. We want to stop girl on girl hate and encourage everyone to go after their dreams.

I really am open to anything and starting from scratch, any involvement would be volunteered and unpaid, except for in my eternal gratitude and emailed pictures of pizza and the gratitude of our followers.

If you have an idea and you’d like to submit something for consideration, please email it to shinebrightgang at gmail dot com or use the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you!